Mopeio Unblocked

Mopeio Unblocked game is basically all about animal evolution, their food chain, their need for food and water. It actually more depressing if you think deeply in that way, anyway, this game is addictive and fun to play.

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An IO Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games that's about animals, fun, hunting and growing big, it's Certainly it does revolves around the same kill other and grow theme, but is has few distinct uniqueness.

Mopeio Unblocked - Game Play

Players begin this game with choosing their character name and a specific server and get to play as an animal, Mouse. Eating berries will level up at initial state, then as level increases player's character will become more powerful animal, like Rabbit and will be able to eat other smaller animals like rats, and furthermore, also becomes large animals like pigs, lions, crocodiles, etc.

At initial stage, berries are common food items, but as your character turns into more powerful animal, you can eat more powerful foods like mushroom and also eat other smaller animals.

Usually on other games, eating foods (gaining points) or killing other players just provides level up, but in, your character changes into another powerful animal as you level up.

Unlike other IO games, Mopeio Unblocked have distinct feature. Game features another objective, beside hunting and that is need for water. There is a water bar at the bottom, so before the bar runs out, players must feed their character with water. If not, your character dies and you have to replay this game.

Beside eating and drinking, you need to watch out for other larger animals (other players) as they can eat your character. If you die in the game, then you get your 50% XP and will be able to restart again where you left off, with less power.

There are many power-ups and features in this game, which you will get accordingly to your character's animal species' specialty.

Your character in the Mopeio Unblocked game can be controlled using your mouse, provide direction to your character's movement by moving mouse cursor over the game screen, hold left click or space-bar to Dash, and right click to shoot water.

You must eat foods or players that are outlined light-green and you must avoid players outlined red as they can eat you.

In the Unblocked screen, it clearly shows what's around you. It has a clear map about your location, information on your supply, your next goal, how much XP you need to change into another animal, etc.

The cons about this game are that you need to view an advertisement after you were killed off and want to restart the game.

This game has pretty good documentation for example a how-to-play information box on homepage. Unblocked also has a sub-Reddit (Reddit Page) where information about the game, its issues, its upcoming features, and everything you want to talk about this game.

How to Play Mopeio Unblocked or Unblocked

Mopeio Unblocked Platforms

Mopeio Unblocked game is available on Apple Store, Google Play Store or you can directly play this game from your web browser (HTML5 Support Required) using our website.